Mufudzi wemombe: An apt depiction of motivation

ZIMBABWEANS share that rustic background as one way or the other we all have a rural home.
For those born and bred in the rural areas, mostly males and some females had a stint as herdboys.
The life of a herdboy is one that brings with it many hurdles that one has to jump. It is a life that one chooses to stay in it or grow out of it.
As said: “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”, a herdboy’s life is one that toughens a person to face whatever hardships that come their way.
From naysayers, doomsayers
Trevor Dongo has many motivational tracks found on his albums such as Handisi Kumira, No limits to mention but these. He takes this inspirational feel from previous works to this track.
Bringing that gender balance to depict the herdboy’s life through song, teaming up with Trevor D is the vocally gifted Feli Nandi. Both combine their melodious vocals to do a theme song, ‘Mufudzi wemombe’ a follow up to the book by prominent businessman Barnabas Marambire who runs a successful construction business named Barmlo. The motivational book was launched last month.



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