Brity Yonly Takes On Naysayers

SOCIETIES could be to blame for shattered hopes and dreams for many people.
They put barriers through negative statements and actions as well.
Musing of this light endured by some Zimbabweans is Afrofusion musician-cum-commediene Brity Yonly who dropped a single recently.
The China based Zimbabwean song bird said the song depicts not only her personal experiences but mirrors others.
“Vachabaiwa is a song which expresses one’s pain , suffering and mistreatment from the society,” she said.
Throwing spanners in others works are some people in the community who long to see nothing being achieved. In the African context, these are believed to be some people of close relation.
“In this life we have some people who are always waiting to see our downfall,to see us shedding tears and sinking to rise no more. Those very people rejoices whenever calamities befalls us,they set traps for us,they tarnish our names but God always fight for His people,hence we always overcome,” said the diva.
The song takes a Jiti feel, a home grown genre which has stood the test of time.



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