Afro Fusion and Jazz singer makes breakthrough After 11 year struggle

By Owami Sithole

MARONDERA based Afro Fusion and Jazz singer and song writer Nicholas Tandi, stage name known as EL ELI recently released his debut album titled Lodibar.
The eight track album follows a single he dropped entitled Munzwa munyama.
In showbiz are late bloomers, others in hibernation, and those struggling to make a breakthrough until they make it. What kept him pushing is the fighting spirit.

He told Zimba Nice his first major breakthrough came after 11 years of hassles and tussles.

“I recorded under various studies namely PTM Studios, DANVICT and OG Major Studios and all this was self-sponsored some of the songs on the title track include Hukopokopo, NdiMwari, Gangara to mention a few ,” said Tandi.
“Arts and creativity has always been in me since I was young. I grew up with an affectionate in music, which made me to be involved in Music and Arts correlated activities.  I was in percussion band, traditional dance group from grade 3 to 6 and was also in the school choir from grade 4 to 7 all this inspired my melody.”
Tandi is a product of Chipawo. He added that his music is  about encouraging and giving dvice on good behaviour, self-conduct and high Christian standards.
Tandi is hopeful to that his music will be aired on local radio station and he intends to go international with his music.
“I did submit my music to Star FM am looking forward to hear it on radio and also to hear listeners views and comments because we sing for the people not ourselves,” said Tandi.
Tandi also has a video of a single track which he did a collabo with a rap artist FLEX J titled Sithandwasami available on the YouTube platform.
He said his journey in the music has not been easy for him as his family neve supported him in the beginning.
“Lack of support from family all they had in mind when they see me and my music they thought it was a waste of time as I was doing something unproductive, also lack finance is has been one of the major setbacks in pushing music to be released,” he notes.
He pointed out that as an artist he is looking forward to do collabos with other popular artists who have already made their names such as Baba Harare, Andy Muridzo.
“As upcoming artist it will be also a great honour promoters which will be an opportunity for great strides,” he said.



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