Canada Based Zimbabwean Activates Youth Platform To Tackle Coronavirus

A Canada based Zimbabwean has created an online platform meant to connect Zimbabwean youths in the diaspora especially at a time when the world is battling coronavirus disease codenamed COVID-19.

Mike Taurai Viriri  the brainchild of a platform called Zim Youth Connect initiative of connecting Zimbabwean youths globally for developmental ideas such as Social, education, culture, creativity, arts and other opportunities.

Mike roped in his younger brother Malcolm Viriri aka Major and Ngoni Mashoko all based in Canada,and his father, the Ndiwe wandidoda hitmaker Tinos Viriri better known on the music circuit as DJ Slice.

“You know the challenge we have at the moment in terms of the Coronavirus is information and awareness raising on the pandemic. We thought of the Zimbabweans in the diaspora to come together under this platform to relay their experiences in the countries they are living which are infected with the virus,” he said through.”You know, they are the people on the ground instead of relying on misinformation spewed on disinformed or platforms that have a negative agenda to set.”

The platform, according to Malcom aims to change the mindset of Zimbabwean youth in the diaspora.

“Today’s youth are tomorrow’s leaders, Zimbabwe is going through tough times through lack of Vision and wisdom, we as youths feel that we will always be stuck on one position of poverty for decades if we do not change our ways of thinking and starting to take the lead.

“Zim-Youth-Connect is aimed at bringing Zimbabwean Youths together in one group brain storm any challenges the country is facing, access and create voice of reason within the space,

himself said, “We have launched this on all social media platforms that will occasionally give bulletins. I was well inspired by dad Slicey T, Tinos Viriri who is an entertainment mogul in North America with a number of awards achieved,” Malcom said.

In the meantime the platform aims to promote unity and solidarity among youth against Covid-19 as it is an emergency crisis but when the storm is over now, Zim Youth Connect will continue advocating for awareness on developmental issues.

Meanwhile, Trevor Dongo has called for prayer to shield the nation and comfort those aggrieved and bereaving from COVID 19.

“Let’s pray not only for Zimbabwe but for the world at large against COVID19,” said the Ndashamisika hitmaker.



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