Dobba Don’s ‘Crystal Meth’ Video A Marketing Gimmick For His New Song

By Kudakwashe Pembere

IT’S no secret that the local music industry is as cut throat as any on the globe. Artists have to be genuinely innovative in their marketing campaigns to acquire the fame or fortune desired. But in Zimbabwe, musicians are struggling to attain or maintain both.

It would be amiss if I said I didn’t see this coming! I would really be lying.

Three days ago, I posted on my facebook account that Dobba Don’s video was probably a marketing gimmick. That is no longer an assumption but a reality given he released a track today. Check it out on the link below

Here is the truth Truth About Dobba Don’s Video Gone Viral

Its amazing the lengths one can go to salvage a waning fame.
Some musicians can do anything for fame even to an extent of faking death wrote that his goal was to get overly famous, shine for a couple years then fake his death. Not only for fame but even for the money. Jarad Anthony Higgins in a 2017 tweet.
But he later on reportedly died after suffering a seizure in December last year.
Let me start by disclaiming that I do not mean to downplay the video gone viral of Dobba Don a Zimdancehall musician born Brandon Mehlomakhulu.
It is an undisputed fact that substance abuse has taken a toll on the youth. Potential economic developers lost their lives to this silent epidemic of substance misuse.
So what Im not agreeing with is that he is a crystal meth addict.
I have had interviews with crystal meth addicts observing several symptoms.
One evident symptom is non-stop talking. They are not ‘Charlie-Chaplins’ but can speak more and longer than radio personalities.
This has been verified by many addiction awareness websites in the States.
“Jerky, erratic movements; twitching; facial tics; animated or exaggerated mannerisms; and constant talking,” says WebMD.
Instead in the video, the Mudendere hitmaker is silent like a church mouse doing some shaolin kickass stunts slowly hardly with the facial mannerisms seen in people I have talked with.

The video is a publicity stunt to gain sympathy that he is using the drug. We dont even know if he is in a medical facility accessing mental health services since the manager requested for his privacy to be respected.

But clearly he is not. Unless he was lied to that what he is taking is crystal meth. He just knows people who use it.
However, the video would have been acceptable even to many ghetto youths if there was a disclaimer saying he doesnt use the highly addictive drug with 12 more hours of euphoria than cocaine.
He could have said the video was meant to dissuade many a ghetto youth to desist, shun and stop taking the video.
Although friends in the act stand as the addict’s support base enough even to result in withdrawal of use of the drug, Dobba Don’s friends claim he is a meth addict.
Only one confirmed dancehall artist known to be a mutoriro user is Soul Jah Love who yearns to stop using the drug. He is the only known mutoriro addict-cum-zimdancehall artist known so far.
That Dobba Don has a mental disorder possibly a substance misuse disorder I dont dispute.To say these are the effects of mutoriro, that Imhaving troubles to accept.
Crystal meth is a powerful stimulant. No matter what route of administration is used—injected, smoked or inhaled—an individual will experience a rapid onset of its effects.

When under the influence of meth, a person may present with any number of symptoms:

Increased physical activity.

Increased blood pressure and breathing rate.

Elevated body temperature



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