Byo Diva Decries Sexual Exploitation

By Tafadzwa Rusike Gondo and Kudakwashe Pembere

BULAWAYO Afrofusion diva Linda Nyauchi better known as Lee McHoney bemoans the ‘pervy’ behaviour of male counterparts in the showbiz pleading with them to stop exploiting females.

With many female musicians striving to etch their names onto the cutthroat music industry, they fall prey to males who supposedly have big names. She is one of the many victims in the showbiz where males’ heads are filled with the notion of bedding female musicians in exchange for assistance. names.

In an interview, the sultry songbird said male counterparts should not solicit for sexual favours in return for the help they would have offered.

“I think guys in the industry or people in higher authorities should just stop exploiting females for their benefit. I know I am talented and they are talented as much but it doesn’t mean I should give them what they want because I am talented and they need to help me. I am not saying I am entitled to their help  but I mean do not come fronting to help me then try to get sexual favours from me,” said Lee McHoney.

The Wakandinyepera hitmaker noted the awkwardness of raising someone’s hopes only to sexually harass females.

“Ok, you do this then someone starts calling you ‘Hey bae, can we meet in my hotel room.’ Its wrong. We should be strictly professional. Males in the industry should have discipline and stop chasing us to satisfy their own desire using their names. Its also difficult for us as females because I have a lot to deal with,” she said.

She also said as females they do not have the luxury of clubbing and drinking as their time is cramped up with chores and music rehearsals.

“It’s also difficult for us as females because I have a lot to deal with. The field is not fair. I can be in the studio for five hours and go back home and cook for the family. But as a male, you might have time to go drinking and clubbing. All the time in the world. I have to start thinking about balancing my life, my love life, my family, my music, performances, and rehearsals. It’s not east you see. So people should just be considerate,” said the songstress.

She said the field would be level if the only thing asked of females were their musical talent only.

“Well to be honest it’s not easy because as a female it’s almost impossible to get someone who genuinely wants to help. Because the same favours that males get because of their talent and nothing else. I have noticed as a female it doesn’t work the same,” said Lee McHoney who added that, “I personally end up with people trying to get me in bed. If I say no then there’s tension and it just ends there. So I have ended up having to depend on my family for financial support.”



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