Musicians On Power Of Positivity Over HIV/AIDS

By Kudakwashe Pembere

HIV prevalence among youths can be attributed to a poor mindsets, poor prevention methods, drug abuse to mention but the few. Most youths end their lives and dreams prematurely owing to owing to poor attitudes towards life.

Youths particularly in the high density areas blame the unemployment crisis in Zimbabwe for drug and alcohol abuse.

Upon abusing toxic substances such as Crystal Meth, Marijuana, Antipsychotics, Cough Syrups to mention but the few expose them to HIV/AIDS as their sexual behavior will be out of control due . This also leads to unwanted pregnancies.

Zimbabwe’s economy is deteriorating by the day. The economic chokehold continues to tighten around Zimbabweans leading to high stress levels and suicidal thoughts.

With hormones in topsy-turvy mode, romance issues also come into play increasing stress. Due to hopelessness coupled with a weak social support system, many youths default on their medication resulting in deaths. Stigma also leads to their demise. Its all in the head!

Surrounded by this dark cloud, the only way to clear the sky and the mind is to stay positive. To see what life has to offer, ts important to stave off negativity.

Positivity is defined as the quality of being encouraging or promising of a successful outcome. It is being hopeful by all means possible.

Under Jibilika’s Step UP To HIV program supported by the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) through the US Embassy in Harare, is driven by the need to raise awareness on HIV/AIDS.  PEPFAR continues to support the government of Zimbabwe in the goal of achieving an AIDS-free generation through the scale-up of combination HIV prevention, treatment, care and support efforts in areas where the burden of HIV prevalence and of people living with HIV are the highest.

“It mobilizes and engages young people through popular youth music and dance in HIV prevention, Sexual Reproductive Health, Gender, Drug abuse and advocacy campaigns in schools and communities. Music is one of the key tools Jibilika uses to engage with young people and on this project the organisation roped some seasoned and new artists to produce the track. Sung in three languages, Shona, Isindebele and English with the hope of reaching more young people in the country and beyond,” explained Jibilika founding director Plot Mhako.

A video to the song Positivity a concept conceived by Jibilika.

“The song is part of Jibilika’s youth HIV campaign project Step Up 2 HIV which has been running for six years in several schools and communities around the country. The award winning program is funded by The U.S. President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) through the US Embassy.

“Jibilika Dance Trust will on Friday the 16th of November release a HIV awareness Song and video. The project features 12 young amazing artists. Titled Positivity the song was recorded in June this year and the video shot last month in areas around Harare,” said Mhako.

A combination of youthful effervescent underground and mainstream musicians teamed to come up with one voice of Positivity.  Featuring on the song are Masa, Nutty O, Vera , Probeatz, Tamy, Mwenje Mathole, D-Blok, Briscky Likho, Maestro Iv, Nargee, Ding’o and Alchemy.

On the ground, Jibilika artistic director Blessing Christyles Fire promised fireworks.

“The song is on fire. It has a powerful message alongside massive artwork,”  he said.

The musicians…

Tamy Moyo

Tamy Moyo is one of the best female artists in Zimbabwe. The Afro Pop fusion singer, song writer and guitarist in the song boldly speaks to the girl child remnding her that she is the bestand needs no validation from men to reach high goals in life. #JIBILIKA #PEPFAR15

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Female rapper D-blok Keislim in the song paints positivity through rhythm and soul createing a visual auditory journey where the message against substance abuse is powefully engaging. #JIBILIKA #PEPFAR15

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Caroleen Nqobile Masawi  known on stage as Masa is a fast rising Zimbabwean guitarist, songwriter and singer’s Jazzy vocal prowess bring diversity to the predomonantly pop song. #JIBILIKA #PEPFAR15

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Probeatz a young, rarely talented, versatile award winning beatboxer whose simultaneous multi-vocal percussion abilities defy nature bring some amazing feel to the song. #JIBILIKA #PEPFAR15

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Liberty “Mwenje” Mathole is a vibrant musician who employs his original composition formula #mamGJoa to create music without limit to styles of traditional, current or future art hegemonies. His husky yet mellow voice and compositions ooze with maturity, a total contrast to his young age. On the song Positivity he developed the hooked in an amazing way that will certainly easily get people hooked. He is the next BIG voice! #JIBILIKA #PEPFAR15

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Nyasha Gwari aka Nargee a Rapper, Singer, Actor and script writer from Glenview 3. A rising voice who brings relatable and profound words to fellow youths who are at risk of contracting STIs and HIV. #JIBILIKA #PEPFAR15

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Nutty O

Ability Extension// Nutty O is undoubtedly the finest Dancehall voice in the country whose vocal and lyrical abilities will leave you mesmerized. The music star literary brings magic to the track with verses that will have far reaching impact on the youth. #JIBILIKA #PEPFAR15

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Kudakwashe Maria Chisvo affectionately known as Vera, fuses funk, pop and jazz in all song writing styles and techniques and she brings it all out in the song. Inspired by both local and international artists such as Hope Masike, Erykah Badu and Nneka, Vera has created her own unique genre and style. In the song Positivity she fearlessly charges into the blessers’ lane with powerful wordplay. #JIBILIKA #PEPFAR15

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Maestro IV

Maestro IV is a Bulawayo based artist whose versitility has made him one of the finest MCs. He shot to fame with the single “Majaivana back” which was a rendition of Lovemore Majaivana’s Bosso anthem badlala njani. He joins 11 other amazing voices on this project as he narrates the youth hustle and struggle. #JIBILIKA #PEPFAR15

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